Interest in music

My four year old son has shown interest in music. Now he tries to sing Filipino songs even though he can’t understand the lyrics. Yes, he has lived in the Philippines almost 3 years now since we brought him here and he just started trying to speak our dialect. That’s why sometimes when he tries to sing Filipino songs it’s funny to hear it but yet I’m happy because he shows interest in singing and he is trying to learn our dialect here. Aside from singing he shows interest on playing a guitar, that’s why we bought him a small guitar for kids. Recently he saw a top keyboard piano in a music showroom at the mall and he said I want it mama. To avoid saying no to him which might end up in him crying, I just said to him OK, later, lol. Well to support our kids likes and interests is hard sometimes especially if he/she demands it from us when we can’t afford to buy for them. As a parent we try our best though.

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    Piano can be so expensive 🙁

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