Playing with Jigsaw puzzles

My 4 year old son got interested in playing with Jigsaw puzzles after we bought him coco crunch cereal which came with a free of Jigsaw puzzle. At first he asked his daddy to help him put the jigsaw puzzle together, but after a few times playing with his daddy he started to put it together by himself. Since then he keeps asking us to buy him different kinds of jigsaw puzzles for kids. Now that he has a few different puzzles at home, he continues to ask for more. The puzzles he has are made of cardboard which makes me think they won’t last long after using them so often. I think next time I will buy wooden puzzles for kids so that his younger sister can use them when she is old enough. For sure they have the same interests in toys especially every time he plays with a puzzle his younger sister tries to play with him too. Hopefully I can find wooden puzzles for kids in the store.

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