Our house needs some decorations

There are lots of things on my mind, one of those is the lack of things inside the house. Yes, there were times I shared here about how our house needs some decorations and even after we bought some furniture for the living room, we still need some more things to decorate our cabinets and tables. Of course buying tables gives me another reason to add decorations in the house. Right now I am using vases with flowers in the cabinet but I’m thinking about replacing one of those vases with a small fountain. I got this idea after I saw a water drop table top fountain in the mall. Hopefully it will still be in the store so I can buy it, but if not, I can buy the one I saw once in an online store. I think a small fountain is a unique decoration for inside the house.

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  1. November 15, 2012 - 8:23 pm | Permalink

    hey Liz! 😀 have you heard about Lava lamps? or Tesla Ball Lamps? They look great and can be good for decoration! 🙂

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    Köszönöm hogy a vendégem voltál

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