Christmas tree

 christmastreeup002.jpgA few days ago, we finally put up a few Christmas decorations in the house. We took down all of our old Christmas decors from storage and selected a few of them to use. Our Christmas tree is still in good shape and as I’ve said before we need to buy more Christmas tree decors which we did buy like Poinsettia flowers to add some red color in the Christmas tree. Yes, the Christmas tree stands differently from the previous years of use. After looking at this photo, I’m thinking about adding some more Christmas tree decors to it. Aside from the lights we put in, I think it isΒ  lacking some decorations .

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    This Christmas tree looks quite nice. And once you’ll put up the lights, I don’t think it’ll be needing anything more. So don’t worry Liz! This tree looks just great! πŸ˜€ And I thought the Christmas tree was put on a few days before Christmas. I didn’t know it was to be put this early!

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