He started to like listening to music

I remember my son when he was one year old, he started to like listening to music. Every time the radio played his favorite song, he would suddenly disappear, by our curiosity we followed him to where he was sitting down in front of the stereo listening to the music. I remember also he liked to play with the amplifier sometimes turning it on and off and or adjusting the volume. At that time my husband’s amplifier was very powerful and sometimes when my son adjusted the volume to the highest level, it would scare him and make him cry. Now, I’m thinking about the power amplifier my husband had and left in the USA, it was really a great amplifier. I wish we had one here especially after I saw a power amplifier at Musician’s Friend on sale. I think it’s good timing that we really need one but it’s bad timing that we have to conserve money at this time.

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