Musical instruments

Even though all of my brothers have played musical instruments, I have no idea how to play any. I have tried many times to practice playing a guitar but I couldn’t catch on to learn any notes. Since then I have no idea and I’m not interested to practice anymore. Now that I have a son, my wish is that he learns to play a musical instrument like my brothers did. I am happy because sometimes he shows an interest in playing a guitar and once he asked me to buy him a keyboard. Honestly I couldn’t buy him a real one yet, just a small toy keyboard but he is really happy with it. Since he is a 4-year-old, it’s easy to please him unlike my youngest brother who is always asking me to buy something which is not always affordable. Recently he handed me a gift list which included a best spector bass which I honestly have no idea about. He said to me, he just saw it in an online store, lol. I didn’t ask him, but I think it’s a musical instrument. Well, sorry brother I have no budget for it.

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