All of these photos were taken a few days ago. That was on Christmas. As we promised them that they could open their gifts on Christmas day. So before they opened the gifts I took a photo of them both in front of the Christmas tree and see what?, my son gave me a big smile because he can finally open his gift which he has been waiting for a quite a while.

 opengifts013_zps53f67abc.jpgHe was very happy taking the box with toys inside from the wrapper and he said I like the gift so much daddy, thank you!

 opengifts016_zps4797e2f1.jpgAt first she saw the doll, she enjoyed it until she saw the accessories of the doll which turns her excitement to them and she rejected the doll. Anyway it says the doll is for 3+ years old, so 2 more years to wait and I just keep it for her future use.

Thus are a few of the photos I took on Christmas and I just wanted to share them in here.

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