My son got an idea after he was playing with a small whiteboard which we bought for him a year ago when he started preschool. We bought him a whiteboard when he saw it in a toy section of a mall. Since we needed him to learn to write letters and draw at that time, we bought it for him without hesitation. At first he liked his whiteboard so much and he played with it often. Until he lost interested in it. Until a few days ago he saw it and said, mama could you buy for me a bigger whiteboard similar to the size of our television because I think that would be great for me to write and draw something on especially if something can hold it like our T.V..  Our T.V. has a wall mount on it similar to a whiteboard mount. I know that’s a great idea he thought of but I don’t know how much it costs. Hopefully it won’t cost much or else we can’t buy it for him. I think also he is too young to use a big whiteboard like he wants now. The small toy whiteboard we gave to him a year ago helped him to get the idea of using a big whiteboard with a mount on it. Well, I can’t blame him though, he just wanted to share his idea of using the big whiteboard.

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