Background check

To trust people is not bad but nowadays there are many people who take advantage of others. It happens at home, at work and the internet too. I’ve seen the headlines on the TV news about employers who were victims of their own employees. It occurs sometimes at home where someone hired the wrong employee as a housekeeper but when she came back home from work, her housekeeper was gone with her jewelries and other valuable items inside the house. That’s why it is best to get a background check from one of the background check services available before you hire anyone unless you’re hiring someone you know well.

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    Criminal background checks – This involves checking the county and state records in each county and state in which your housekeeper have lived to determine if there are criminal records on file about your candidates. Checking a criminal history may require signed consent and can be very time consuming if the housekeepers have lived in a large number of counties or states.

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