Buys cheap things to save money

I am the kind of  person who buys cheap things to save money. I look for a lower price at the same time quite durable. Most of the time I am waiting for sales on branded items or I’ll settle for a cheaper price on something of lower quality than what I want. Most of my family wonders why I do that. Especially my husband, he keeps telling me how can I find something nice if I choose the cheaper one. Yes most of the time he is with me when I’m shopping and if I see an item that has a high price then I’ll leave it and say no, it’s expensive. It sometimes starts us to argue and sometimes I can’t buy the cheaper item I wanted. Well, I grew up like this and yes it is hard to change. Anyway, if my husband decides to buy what he wants then I support him even if it’s expensive for me.

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    Great tips, many thanks for sharing

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