photo myksdrawing035_zpsa05def1a.jpg photo myksdrawing026_zps10c9af6a.jpg Yesterday, the weather was so hot and so we were all inside the room with the air conditioning turn on. Since it is not a nap time for my kids, they had something to work on. They both had colored pencils, crayons and paper with my supervision especially of my 22 month old girl. She really needs somebody to supervise her while using those things. My little girl isn’t good at drawing yet but still she still likes using crayons and some other materials for drawing. My 5 year old son has shown improvement in drawing. It’s the first time I noticed his finished drawing is quite clean with ideas on it unlike before he just would draw whatever is on his mind but this drawing shown above is really about family and yes he said that’s our family with the tallest one being his dad, me the second, him the third and the little one is his little sister.  I am so happy to take a picture of it and yes I am so proud sharing it with you guys.


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