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Since my son’s summer vacation will end in a few weeks and he will start school for this coming school year, I am reminded how busy I am again helping with his school assignments and tutorials for him. Since he is too young to do some things for school by himself,  he really needs my husband’s and I to help him do some school assignments and tutor him. Last year he started a tutorial session in school for an hour with his teacher to prepare for his major examinations. This year we have no plans for him to have tutorial in school because it is hard to bring him to school twice in one day. I wish I could find an online tutor just like my friend’s son has, but my son is too young for that, he is just five years old unlike my friend’s son who is in secondary school. My friend started her son with an online tutor after he needed help with math one time and some of his classmates told him to try an online tutor. My friend tried the online tutor because it allowed him to at least stay at home. He had a home tutorial service before he tried the online tutorial but my friend’s son prefers the online tutorial.

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    hi lisgold.. c: your son is only 5 years old and yet you and husband already busy preparing him for this coming school year!! I am so impressed!!I wish u and your husband all the best then c:chayok2!!

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