My son has had a fever for two days now. It started yesterday when he went to school and the teacher called me to let my son goes back home because of his fever. Before he went to school, he was quite OK but he kept telling us that he felt tired. I just ignored it because sometimes he says that when he doesn’t want to school and he didn’t feel warm as a sign he has a fever. Until he sat down inside the school room for a couple of minutes and he said to the teacher, I’m not feeling good. It started that time he was getting warm and yes when he got home from school he has a fever. Today we went to Pediatrician for a check up. Now the result is viral infection but we need to observe him. Hopefully he is getting OK so that he can go back to school.

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    oh sorry to hear that, hope your son is getting well son. having sick on our kids is a afraiding things to us as a mother.


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