Health problems

Health is very important to us. Sometimes, I am disappointed especially when all members of the family have health problems. It happened here since a couple weeks ago. My two kids and I got a viral infection and my husband has an on and off of diarrhea. Yes I was happy because three of us are OK now but I felt bad because my husband still has on and off diarrhea. The worse thing was his diarrhea is mixed with blood. I am really so worried about my husband’s situation. He had a colonoscopy yesterday but there is a part of the intestine that won’t participate which is not straight enough and the doctor had a hard time to pass through the scope he uses, sorry don’t I know what the medical term the doctor used and can’t mention the exact name, lol. Anyway he needs a CT scan to check his intestine probably next week. Hopefully and I pray the result is not serious though.

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