Some difficulties

The last few months we encountered some difficulties. First, we all had minor health problems. Even though they were not serious, it has been a problem for me and all of us here. Especially for my husband who suffered almost 2 months with on and off diarrhea with blood in it. Luckily and thanks to God he is OK now without any prescription needed from his recent doctor. All of the tests like colonscopy, CT-scan, blood test for cancer and biopsy all had good results, thanks to God. The second difficulty we encountered was finished few days ago. My husband got in a slight car accident. Luckily and thanks to God nobody was hurt in both vehicles involved, but it did cost us some money to settle with the other party. Now, I’ve been through sadness, worrying, stress and lack of sleep but I never gave up, all the difficulties I had just make me stronger.

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