My little girl was always wanting to have cat at home as her pet since she saw some cats at her cousin’s house. Every time she came home from her cousin’s house, she kept telling us to buy her a cat or she would ask to watch funny cats on Youtube videos. Until one afternoon while my husband was driving our car there was a kitten in the middle of the road and at first he just stopped to save the kitten’s life. He thought if he left the kitten on side of the road probably it will go back in the middle of the road again, so my husband decided to bring it with him in the car. He said to give the kitten to somebody but we never thought to give it to our little girl. At first, we were afraid our little girl would play too rough with it and make the kitten hurt her back, but that hasn’t happened. The kitten is very playful and we all love it now. It is in our good hands now.

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