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December is coming and as usual it’s time to think about gifts for loved ones and Christmas decorations at home. Since we already haveĀ  decorations from last year and they are all still good to use this Christmas, all I have to do now is think about gift ideas for loved ones this Christmas. For […]


My little girl was always wanting to have cat at home as her pet since she saw some cats at her cousin’s house. Every time she came home from her cousin’s house, she kept telling us to buy her a cat or she would ask to watch funny cats on Youtube videos. Until one afternoon […]

Gibson Guitar

For over 100 years Gibson has been providing Guitars for famous musicians who want to play the best Guitars. If you’re a guitar player then you should go to musician friends. They have the new 2015 Gibson Guitar lineup which is the best yet. Gibson is the guitar of choice for most musicians because they […]


It’s been a hot and humid Monday afternoon here. I thought it was going to rain today but it hasn’t yet and it’s almost 4 o’clock in the afternoon now. I heard thunder in the distance from our place though so it’s probably raining there which is making it humid here. Hopefully tonight it will […]


It’s only two more months till Christmas which means getting ready for the holidays is on my mind. I’m planning to decorate our home but I have no idea yet what decorations I will use. I know I’ll have to buy some ornaments for our old Christmas tree to make it look good and a […]