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Picking some mangoes

I just newly finished my new first chore of the morning picking some mangoes under and on the mango trees. Since we couldn’t harvest all of the fruit and had difficulty to sell them in the market due to a high volume of mangoes produced in our area this year, we now still have a […]


A hillbilly banjo reminds me when I was a kid there was a banjo at my grandfather’s house which he made. It was a nice banjo and every time I went to his house, I always played it and let my cousins dance while I was playing. That was a great time with them and […]

My first post

This is my first post I made this year. Yes it’s been a long time since I made a post since December of 2014. I know it’s unfair to tell the reason that I was busy. But really, I am. I miss making post for this blog though but I have no choice but to […]

On sale

There are lots of things to do around the house inside and outside but I don’t have enough time to do everything. One of those things is to find gifts on sale. There are lots of items On Sale in the store this time of year but I’m going to need enough time to shop. […]

Christmas tree

It’s been almost five years now since we lived in our house and five Christmas seasons that we celebrated in the house as well. Decorating the house is something we do as a  family. When we put up the Christmas tree my kids love helping us put the ornaments on it. Last year was the […]