It’s only two more months till Christmas which means getting ready for the holidays is on my mind. I’m planning to decorate our home but I have no idea yet what decorations I will use. I know I’ll have to buy some ornaments for our old Christmas tree to make it look good and a friend of mine has different kinds of personalized ornaments for sale so I’m going to see If I like anything she has to offer.

A fruitful day

I’m always busy here and as usual I had a fruitful day. I’ve noticed since the school year started I’ve been a lot busier preparing things for the kids for school which helps keep my weight down. Especially now that I’m alone at home to do some chores it really helps me a lot to lose weight. It’s a tiring day but having a fruitful day and getting things done gives me a sense of accomplishment which makes me happy.

More busy days

Tomorrow will be the start of more busy days. Having two kids going to school makes my weekdays so busy and gives me more challenges everyday as a mother trying to be the best that can be. I know it is hard to be perfect but I must see to it that I can take good care of our children. Especially our youngest is in preschool and our oldest is in grade school. For me they both need our best attention.


My kids like to sing karaoke on our home stereo system but recently the microphone stopped working, so I looked on the Internet to find a new microphone. Luckily I found a great deal on a mic at a site called musician’s friend. They always have great deals on music related instruments, audio equipment and accessories. You can find anything you want that’s music related at Musician’s Friend.