Practice guitar playing

While visiting at my brother’s house I was watching him practice guitar playing when I noticed he had his guitar hooked up to his iphone with some kind of device. He told me it was a irig which lets him play through his iphone anywhere he goes. It’s good for him because now he can practice his guitar anywhere he wants without lugging around a big heavy guitar amp.


It’s the weekend! Supposedly today is market day for me but I feel too lazy to go. Now my husband ask me if I am going to the market, I said no and I can’t help my laziness. But tomorrow I’ll still have a chance to go there and buy our two weeks supply of meat. Hopefully, I’ll be OK or else everyday I’ll have to pass by the market to buy fresh meat after picking up the kids from school.

Drawer Slides

To conserve space in our bedroom, my husband is installing drawers under the bed. To do so, he told me he needs to buy 36″ Drawer Slides. Because the local hardware store in our area doesn’t carry drawer slides that long, we searched online and found exactly what we needed. Now we just have to wait until they come in the mail so my husband can finish the job.


How nice to see green leaves in our yard. As I shared sometimes before, our house is surrounded by mangoes, coconuts and a few other kinds of trees. They were all grown before we bought this lot and we thought it is the best investment ever since we moved here. Especially a few of the mangoes gave us fruits last summer and are now showing some flowers which means they’ll give us fruit again and the rains we have hopefully will help give more fruit.

Buy a trombone

A friend of mine was complaining to me that she couldn’t afford to buy a trombone for her son who wants to learn how to play it so I searched online and found a jiggs plastic trombone which is made of plastic rather than brass and considerably less expensive. When I told my friend about it, she immediately went online to buy it.