High school class rings

While looking on the Internet for high school class rings, I came across a site called joyjewelers.com which sells the best high school class rings . They have great deals on a huge selection of boys and girls high school class rings with hundreds of personalized options. It’s never too early or too late to buy a class ring, they can make a class ring for you no matter when you graduated.

More furniture

Our house is so empty especially in our living room. It needs more furniture, like tables and a couple of planters with indoor plants inside. My husband and I are thinking of getting more furniture inside our house especially in our living room. As of now we’re searching online to help us with a table design since we just want a table custom made. Hopefully I can find a nice table design and a good carpenter nearby us.

Gretsch bass guitar

My brothers friend is selling one more his guitars and asked me again if I wanted to buy it. I already bought one from him, now he has a Gretsch bass guitar he wants to sell. While I’m not sure if I want another guitar, I searched the Internet for gretsch bass guitars and found a site that gives me an idea on what the price of the particular model he is selling is going for. Now I know my brother’s friend is giving me a good price but I’m still not sure if I want another guitar right now.

Just for fun

I’m not sure if I consider myself addicted to the Candy Crush Game on Facebook. I think playing that game is just for fun at the same time it helps me relax while playing it. Sometimes I have a difficult time finishing some stages which are more challenging to complete. Like I got stuck on the 350th stage for a month or so and today I finally completed it with a big YES!, lol. I think the more challenges this game gives me the more I like playing it. Now, I consider myself not addicted to Candy Crush and just like playing it for fun with challenges.

Drug addiction

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