How nice to see green leaves in our yard. As I shared sometimes before, our house is surrounded by mangoes, coconuts and a few other kinds of trees. They were all grown before we bought this lot and we thought it is the best investment ever since we moved here. Especially a few of the mangoes gave us fruits last summer and are now showing some flowers which means they’ll give us fruit again and the rains we have hopefully will help give more fruit.

Buy a trombone

A friend of mine was complaining to me that she couldn’t afford to buy a trombone for her son who wants to learn how to play it so I searched online and found a jiggs plastic trombone which is made of plastic rather than brass and considerably less expensive. When I told my friend about it, she immediately went online to buy it.

Picking some mangoes

I just newly finished my new first chore of the morning picking some mangoes under and on the mango trees. Since we couldn’t harvest all of the fruit and had difficulty to sell them in the market due to a high volume of mangoes produced in our area this year, we now still have a few mango trees needed to harvest. Even though each tree has not produced much fruit due to the natural way the fruit has grown with no chemicals used, still we can’t consume them all ourselves. Now we just wait and find some ripe fruits to pick every morning. We enjoy doing it and thanks to God for that.


A hillbilly banjo reminds me when I was a kid there was a banjo at my grandfather’s house which he made. It was a nice banjo and every time I went to his house, I always played it and let my cousins dance while I was playing. That was a great time with them and I miss it so much.

My first post

This is my first post I made this year. Yes it’s been a long time since I made a post since December of 2014. I know it’s unfair to tell the reason that I was busy. But really, I am. I miss making post for this blog though but I have no choice but to give my time to my family and to some chores at home. Hopefully I’ll have enough time to do both and make more posts for this blog.