My kids like to sing karaoke on our home stereo system but recently the microphone stopped working, so I looked on the Internet to find a new microphone. Luckily I found a great deal on a mic at a site called musician’s friend. They always have great deals on music related instruments, audio equipment and accessories. You can find anything you want that’s music related at Musician’s Friend.

Update it regularly

It’s been few months since the last post I’ve made on this blog after I couldn’t update it regularly. As always my reason is, I’m so busy at home and with my kids. Since school started I only had enough time to check my email online. Also our Internet connection has had problems. Today luckily the Internet technician gave us a new modem even though we can’t connect wireless at least the wired connection is quite OK at this time. Starting today hopefully I can update regularly on this blog.

High school class rings

While looking on the Internet for high school class rings, I came across a site called joyjewelers.com which sells the best high school class rings . They have great deals on a huge selection of boys and girls high school class rings with hundreds of personalized options. It’s never too early or too late to buy a class ring, they can make a class ring for you no matter when you graduated.

More furniture

Our house is so empty especially in our living room. It needs more furniture, like tables and a couple of planters with indoor plants inside. My husband and I are thinking of getting more furniture inside our house especially in our living room. As of now we’re searching online to help us with a table design since we just want a table custom made. Hopefully I can find a nice table design and a good carpenter nearby us.

Gretsch bass guitar

My brothers friend is selling one more his guitars and asked me again if I wanted to buy it. I already bought one from him, now he has a Gretsch bass guitar he wants to sell. While I’m not sure if I want another guitar, I searched the Internet for gretsch bass guitars and found a site that gives me an idea on what the price of the particular model he is selling is going for. Now I know my brother’s friend is giving me a good price but I’m still not sure if I want another guitar right now.